Photography is a super important part of my creative process. I struggle to draw and let my emotiveness let lose though that type of medium, but with photography I can. I think this is dew to my perfectionistic side of me that wants to do it right, and not only that but I am good at it. I am not trying to sound big headed but compare my drawing to photography and I can clearly see the emotive side though my photography more and trying to emulate that in drawing is impossible for me. 

I started learning photography in college, it was wildly popular amongst my peers and at that time the technicalities of photography didn't interest me. However shutter speeds, iso and depth of field are all engraved in my brain and coming back to this technique has been easier because of it. Knowing how a camera works help so much when taking a picture, its not just pressing a button. 

In my photography I like to focus on clean cut sharp focus and playing around with colour and texture.


This series of photos I wanted to focus on isolation. The three bluebell photos were taken around the same time period but not all at once. 

I found this bluebell poking out from a hedge in my garden. It was isolated from all of the other flowers that were growing in my neighbours garden and had managed to make its way through into mine. I took it into my house where it lived in a glass bottle from a fentimans lemonade drink on my windowsill. I stayed their for a week before slowly wilting. I took the flower as a prop for one of my blog posts, I was captivated by its deep colours of light indigo blues and periwinkle purples and placed agitated the deep greens of the trees in the background gave the clean cut emotion of isolation. However pretty the colours, a bluebell will forever look like a sad flower living in the wild with its droopy bent over posture.