Joshua Ellis 

This project was sponsored by the company Joshua ellis who are a weaving mill in Batley West Yorkshire. The project was judged by the owner of the company and my collection won 1st prize. We were tasked with a brief to create samples using shetland wool yarn with a set warp plan and using colour and weave focusing with a 2/2 twill. I had creative freedom to pick a subject to base the project on. I based the project on me, drawing inspiration from myself is something I wanted to give a go as I have never fully delved into a self portrait project before.

I chose to go with a project based around my colour aesthetics. At the time of this project it was autumn/ winter and I was heavily influenced by the colours of autumn. The colour scheme I went with is nave blue, forest green, orange and grey. I wear a lot of navy blue which made it a dominate colour in my samples. Initially I felt restricted working to a commercial brief as I am not good at sticking to the rules, however this clearly payed off as all of my sample that I submitted were using the entwined twill structure to achive a speckled pin striped effect.