Film photography has only been a recent method that I wanted to use. As much as I love experimenting with digital photography using my nikon D3200 camera. I wanted to use a method of photography that would almost limit my use of how I take photos. Its all to easy to take 3 or 4 different photos for each composition when using digital and editing them later in post to get the right colour, depth and sharpness to the photo. I found that I was almost being slightly lazy and cutting corners when taking photos digitally. It was as if I had gotten to repetitive with it and I needed something to spice up what I was producing.

I found the more I researched about film the more it became the answer. I bought a cheep point and shoot from eBay (which was made in the 1970-1980) and a couple of colour rolls of cheep film and gave it a go. I didn't really have a subject in mind I just wanted to give it a go and figure out the capabilities of it. Not all of the photos are in focus or properly composed, but testing the limits of the camera was all I needed to fall in love with the process. 

The colours in film are unlike anything I have shot with digital. It is almost as if I have taken the photos with my eyes. The film capture light and shadows so well. Not only does the colours look amazing but you buy different brands of film in both colour and clack and white. Each company that produces the film all have different ways of making the film which results in difference in saturation, colour, light and shadows. 



All of the photos were shot using Kodak colour plus 200