Atmospheric Serenity 


A current work in progress based on a story written with light and serene atmosphere in mind. Taking elements of transparency and light whilst adding subtle colours, the textile collection has developed using fine polyester yarns woven using double cloth structures. This element of light transcends through the fabric by using qualities of a soft and weightless handle and its elements of layering abilities. Responding to a higher end market this collection aims to reinvent the dated net curtain bringing elements of a minimalism contemporary structure and colours.


The window that faces the West tells the story of the few sunny days of the year. As the late summer days comes to a close the sun shows its light for only half an hour or so. Mixtures of sharp yellows and calming blood red oranges cast light throughout the room. The plant in the corner sits by the window moving light in different directions, with the window open just a crack letting in the soft warm breeze. The cast of light causes shadows on the emerald green leaves which interchange their colours as light protrudes the layers of overlapping greenery. For a second you look up a notice the colour of the room, a smile is opened up inside of you as you can feel the day coming to a close. Sat still for a moment you take a deep breath and feel serenity. You are inside but you have never felt more close to nature than in this moment.


The late summers days have arrived, the rosemary has bloomed and the air has become lighter. We have come full circle you can see the growth in the landscape so you reflect on the past seasons gone by Perished by time the memories have faded and what is left are the crisp dark brown leaves and soft mustard coloured lemons. But with perish the needs to be growth. Growth is found in the trees, the flowers and the ever slowly changing landscape, but growth has been found in a new respect for patiences. With patience is a felling of accomplishment, and the notice of the change in my growth.