This spring i've seen my garden transform into a blossoming jungle of colour. Call me a tree hugger but I cant help but love trees. I've grown up in the middle of nowhere with a large garden and amazing views of fields of golden wheat. and when we moved in our garden was in rough shape and we didn't have a lot of money to fix and maintain it. My dad was given some silver birch and pine tree saplings and he filled the garden with the trees. As I have grown up the garden has evolved from the bland and boring silver birch forest to a blooming garden of colour. We have 2 fruit trees that were planted around 8-9 years ago and as they have grown they have matured growing more fruit and this year, the blossom has turned from a bright white to a pale pink. Then before I went to uni we planted a cherry blossom tree which is a tree i've wanted for ages. 


It wouldn't be a typical spring post without a blossom tree in it, and I am loving the brightness of my garden it it a place of retreat and in the spring and summer its a great place to sit outside with my dogs and enjoy the weather.